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If you are one of r those who want to better understand the technical capabilities and customization options of Anunta Tech's DesktopReady — this article is for you. While there are plenty of cloud-managed virtual desktop options to choose from, it's important to trust that yourdesktop as a service (DaaS) is built on a robust infrastructure that can deliver reliability, performance and security using a simplistic management interface that does not require too much expertise on the part of your IT manager. As such, we will outline the technical underpinnings of the DesktopReady platform as well as customization options that prove how flexible and cost effective the service can be for your small or medium sized business.

Built on Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

While far cheaper virtual desktop cloud infrastructures are available, Anunta Tech chose to deploy their DesktopReady service on top of Microsoft's own Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) platform for several key reasons.

  • For one, WVP is built to be optimized for Microsoft's Azure public cloud platform. When it comes to delivering Microsoft-developed products and services including Windows desktop and server operating systems, Azure is the platform that provides the best performance, scalability, integrations, and security when delivering those services to remote end users.
  • Another benefit of WVD is the fact that it is the only platform that can deliver not only single-session Windows 10 desktops — but also multi-session desktop experiences. Multi-session means that a single back-end host can deliver multiple concurrent virtual desktop sessions to end users. This is a feature that previously existed only on Windows Server operating systems. Multi-session allows for cost savings benefits from a licensing
    perspective. This is one of the reasons why Anunta Tech can provide such a robust DaaS service to customers at a low price point compared to the competition.
  • WVD can also optimize the remote delivery of business-critical applications such as tools, apps and services found within the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products. Office 365 has quickly become an essential product for businesses around the world. Products including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and Teams are just some examples of O365 business apps that can perform even better using a DaaS platform built on WVD
    technologies. For businesses that rely heavily on these apps and services, it becomes an important advantage that Anunta Tech DesktopReady has over the competition.
  • Because WVD is built within Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, you can also be confident that it will satisfy your needs from a cybersecurity perspective. WVD is built on platforms that are PCI, HIPAA, and SOC2 compliant.
  • Finally, WVD provides Anunta Tech with advanced back-end monitoring and performance analysis tools that help ensure end users are being provided with the absolute best virtual desktop experience possible. The highly detailed and granular performance statistics allow Anunta technical support the ability to identify and resolve platform issues quickly – often before end users ever notice there is a problem. That means that customers can expect a virtual desktop experience that operates consistently and reliably no matter where they are located.

DesktopReady plans and options

Besides the underlying WVD infrastructure, Anunta Tech’s DesktopReady service differentiates itself from the others by providing customers with an easy to use front-endmanagement portal. With just a few clicks, customers can choose between two different virtual desktop plans that are charged monthly and can be canceled at any time.

The Individual Plan: This starts at just $35 per desktop, per month. This multi-session plan is recommended for small businesses upto four users. Features and options include the ability to upgrade virtual CPU and memory, access to a set of pre-installed application, a 12-hour service desk support window and a 10% discount for customers that commit to a one-year contract.

The Business Pan: Starting at $45 per desktop, per month uses either multi-session or individual virtual
desktop sessions from a deployment perspective. Business plan customers also gain additional options such as dedicated Active Directory (AD) and file sharing services, additional virtual desktop performance CPU/RAM options and data migration/data backup services. Customers can also add their own custom applications to desktop builds and can choose whether they want to add Office 365 services through Anunta Tech – or if they want to add their own existing licenses. The Business plan also grants end user access to an administrator portal where they can self-manage users, access self-service capabilities, and manage peripheral extensions. For customers, that sign onto an annual agreement, they also receive a 10% discount, billed monthly. Finally, the Business plan includes full 24×7 service desk support.

Best tech, best value

Now that you have a better understanding of the technical capabilities and customization options of DesktopReady, you get a better perspective on why it is the right service for you. By not cutting corners on back- end technologies combined with easy to use interfaces and multiple customization options, it becomes clear that Anunta Tech provides enterprise-grade virtual desktop services at a tremendous value.

Lean IT is no longer a niche trend for small- and medium-sized businesses. The ability to significantly reduce IT management overhead is an excellent way to cut back on IT operational costs. One of the most effective ways to accomplish lean IT is to move to a modern desktop as a service (DaaS) model. In this article, we'll show why Anunta DesktopReady is a great choice for organizations looking to deploy virtualized desktops to employees that work both in and out of the office.

What is Anunta DesktopReady?

Anunta DesktopReady is a fully managed DaaS platform that greatly simplifies desktop setup and management. For those that aren’t aware, DaaS architectures use a public cloud resources to stream a desktop experience over the Internet to an end user. The streams happen in real time – and are efficient from a broadband throughput and latency perspective. From an end user point of view, a virtual desktop looks and functions identically to local desktop environments that they’re already used to. However, a DaaS-deployed virtual desktop allows users to run on low-powered hardware while also providing a highly-secure environment from a data loss and data theft perspective.

DesktopReady creates a digital workspace for users and delivers a high-quality desktop experience over the internet no matter where they are located. Anunta built DesktopReady on top of Microsoft's highly popular Azure cloud platform. Thus, DesktopReady customers can feel confident that they are using an enterprise-grade service that is reliable, scalable, and agile.

How do customers build and manage virtual desktops with Anunta DesktopReady?

Depending on the level of customization required, customers can select between two key desktop deployment models. The first option is to deploy virtualized multi-session Windows 10 desktops using a shared Azure subscription. A shared subscription means that Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and file systems are shared between customers at a physical hardware resource level. However, the desktops themselves remain fully secure and virtually segmented from other customers. To build a shared virtual desktop instance, customers simply login to the DesktopReady management portal, choose between light, medium and heavy virtual desktops from a performance perspective — then select which standard applications they want to deploy.

A second option is for customers to deploy virtual desktops on a dedicated Microsoft Azure subscription that includes a private AD structure and file system. Again, customers can select between virtual desktop performance options as well as the choice between multi-session or single-session desktops. With private desktops, customers also have greater flexibility when it comes to deploying custom images and applications. Finally, administrators of private desktops gain the ability to control their own licenses using the built-in Windows license management tool.

Depending on whether you choose to deploy shared or private desktops, the setup process can be fully self-service and automated — or assisted with the help of Anunta technical support. Automated self-service processes can include time consuming tasks such as desktop image verification checks, the creation and implementation of firewall rules and onboarding/offboard of users.

Keep in mind that DesktopReady automation benefits don’t stop once desktops are deployed. The advantages of a fully-managed virtual desktop service continue long after they’re in production. Once virtual desktops are built, customers can choose to automate other processes such as user profile and data migrations, the installation of printer drivers, the creation of security groups and recurring data backups for disaster recovery (DR) purposes.

For businesses that require a more personalized virtual desktop experience, Anunta can also assist customers who want to build and manage custom desktops and associated services/applications. This includes design consultation services, use-case verifications, virtual private network (VPN) setup assistance as well as help with deploying custom application and security tools. In most cases, businesses opt to automate what they can and seek Anunta’s professional assistance on an as-needed basis. Regardless, you can rest assure that you’re not alone if you require consultation help.

The time to start is now

According to Gartner research, the DaaS market is expected to grow at 44% CAGR through 2023. The primary reason for this incredible growth is due to the fact that savvy business leaders are becoming aware that they can deliver a virtual desktop experience that is powerful, scalable, and a breeze to manage. As workforces continue to become decentralized, cloud computing is being increasingly relied upon for application, service and data storage delivery purposes. One of the last pieces of the cloud computing puzzle is to transform outdated desktop deployment models with one that’s far more flexible and secure. The time to transition to DaaS is now. If interested, please reach out to us to learn more about what Anunta DesktopReady can do for you.